Do you have a data-driven mindset or consider yourself the ultimate marketing enthusiast? This opportunity is for you!

Be the FIRST to test out Attributy’s new features, gaining tons of valuable learnings along the way.

Receive hands-on experience working with a data-driven, multichannel attribution platform. Moreover, you can expect to expand your marketing knowledge about the user journey tracking process, as well as how to optimize ROAS across various online & offline campaigns.

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Facts & Additional Information:

Why we need a beta tester:

All versions of our software undergo intensive alpha testing before we make the beta version available to selected beta testers. However, some hiccups may still occur. Therefore, we need support to identify the last remaining glitches to confirm the software will perform as expected.

What we expect from you:

We expect you to work with our software to search for bugs, crashes, graphical errors, or anything else that may raise an eyebrow and need tending to. You should provide timely feedback describing all issues accurately, in-depth, and – if applicable – including screenshots.

Previous experience and/or required qualifications:

We’re looking for testers with all levels of experience & knowledge of marketing campaign management or software development. As long as you’re motivated and provide lots of detailed feedback, that’s enough for us. 🙂

Benefits you’ll receive:

From day one, you’ll learn a plethora of key takeaways regarding campaign efficiency, data-driven KPI tracking, and (AI) attribution modelling that you can, in turn, apply to your own professional life.
Additionally, your feedback will make a direct, lasting impact in shaping the products we develop! Not only will you be one of the first ones to try out our new software – receiving exclusive access to our current and upcoming features – but you’ll receive hand-held assistance through training, dedicated
support, and open communication.

Necessary operating system:

Attributy supports all major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.)! Your desktop/laptop should ideally support the latest installations of Apple (macOS) or Windows (version 7 or later) to ensure top performance.

NDA Disclaimer:

Confidentiality is key! This is a non-public beta test requiring a signed NDA as a prerequisite for participation.