Data-driven campaigns

Understand Your Campaigns.

Our deep-learning (AI) algorithm for multi touch attribution combines predictive buyer analysis and campaign response windows to build true multichannel attribution for both online and offline campaign efforts.


Track ad impressions and clicks through traditional display networks. Track search PPC adwords, affiliate, social, and additional online campaigns with your existing UTM strategy.


Apply dynamic response windows to measure traffic and track conversion lift from linear TV, radio, podcasts, billboards, OTT/CTV, and other offline campaigns.

AI-driven optimization.

Deep learning algorithm converts unique users into your ideal marketing plan.

Not every conversion happens right away. When a user arrives at your site, Attributy dives into their historical data up to several months before, recognizing past touchpoints that might influence a purchase decision. This allows the dynamic attribution algorithm to model an extremely accurate picture of a channel’s value.

Intelligent attribution.

See the cumulative effects of your marketing campaigns.

Single-channel attribution tools fall short. Most overestimate the impact of the channel they measure, while underestimating the cumulative, long-term effects of a whole campaign. Attributy’s artificial intelligence algorithm focuses on the user, following individual customer journeys from first touchpoint to purchase. Each ad seen is given credit proportional to its true value in customer conversions.

Know the impact of all

your marketing channels.

Multi-channel attribution

Our intelligent attribution modelling lets you manage, track, and compare your online & offline campaigns all within one user-friendly dashboard.

AI-driven algorithm

Our advanced AI & Machine learning algorithm dives deep to understand, measure, and predict consumer patterns & conversion trends.

Budget optimization

Marketing efforts add up across multiple touchpoints, and not every conversion happens on the fly. We measure long-term impact that gets lost in the baseline of other tools.

Customer journey mapping

Attributy collects touchpoints across all channels while simultaneously capturing & analyzing conversions through the sales funnel.

Lightning-fast analytics

Our dashboard won’t make you wait around while it calculates. You’ll see campaign results load in 200 milliseconds or fewer.

Long-term impact

Attributy’s Dynamic algorithm follows individuals customer journeys through every touchpoint and attributes the impact of each channel and ad.

API Integration:

Connect your favorite Ad Platforms.

The quality of your marketing attribution strategy is only as good as the data you pull into your reports.
Attributy’s wide selection of popular integration platforms is designed to suit any team and offer additional flexibility.

Find the plan suitable for your business.



Per Month

An unrivaled offering dedicated to product/data teams.

  • Quick & easy onboarding.
  • Attributy Pixel.
  • Attribution for one key marketing channel (e.g. TV).
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Granular channel analyzes
  • 1 User
  • 100k Actions/month
    (+ $70 per added 100k action)
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$ 999

Per Month

A complete, all-in-one multi-touch attribution platform designed for B2B & B2C.

  • Everything in Free
  • Impartial multi-touch attribution platform for all marketing campaigns
  • Campaign comparison
  • Customize chart generator
  • Raw data integration (e.g. GA360)
  • Marketing cost upload function
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Up to 1 million Actions/month
    (+ $500 per added million action)
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$ 1,299

Per Month

End-to-end analysis of the entire sales journey for teams of 10 or greater.

  • Everything in Pro
  • Web Analytics Access by Attributy
  • Data warehouse connections
  • Cross-channel effects
  • Budget optimization function
  • Booking platform API’s online
  • Booking platform API’s offline
  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 1 million Actions/month
    (+ $500 per added million action)
30-day FREE Trial

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