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Attributy helps you understand your campaigns with AI-driven optimization. Its all on the dash - just like magic.

We offer API integration and combine your existing tracking strategies with our deep learning algorithm, which gives you the fullest picture of your online conversions.

We deploy dynamic response windows to track visits and conversions from linear TV.


In contrast to rule-based attribution solutions where in most cases the last visit receives all of the credit for the conversion, Attributy’s deep learning AI-based algorithm tracks and analyzes individual customer journey data to evaluate how much each individual visit contributed to conversion. With the help of our powerful and intuitive dashboard, Attributy helps present an accurate picture of each channel’s value.


The budget optimizer learns what did and didn’t work from historical data on allocation of resources across your marketing channels. Based on the trends and patterns it recognizes, it makes data-driven recommendations on how to allocate your budget to maximize your goals.
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We analyze the performance of each TV ad and combine this information with our data-driven multi-touch attribution to evaluate the effect of TV in complex user journeys, allowing you to evaluate where your TV spending stands in comparison to other marketing channels.
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This feature analyzes individual visitor engagement towards conversion patterns and predicts user conversion probabilities so you can identify visitors that are on the edge of conversion, or see which channels these audiences are coming from, which helps you reallocate your marketing expenditures while boosting your marketing ROI.

We provide you with a tracking code or alternatively we can pull data from your bigquery to collect your website traffic and conversions. Expenditure data can also be fed automatically through our current API integrations (more to come in the future) in addition to the cost upload feature.
With more on the way!

Attributy is a one-stop AI-based conversion tracker, which helps your business track, manage and optimize all your marketing campaigns, including search engine advertising, retargeting and offline spends like TV.



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